Fast Facts

  • Each year, TRG mails more than 300,000 surveys to patients, employees, physicians, office managers, dentists, and behavioral-health providers.
  • We use  Satori software to achieve the lowest possible mailing rates,
  • And, we utilize Pitney Bowes, Accufast, and Neo-Post mailing equipment to produce cost-effective, accurate, speedy mailings.


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Mail Survey and Paper Survey Administration

Rely on TRG’s 30 years of experience in market research to provide insight and stringent quality control as we field your next mail survey.  Because we do full-service research, we can spot potential problems and notify you before we administer the survey. We bring a special perspective to survey administration that mail houses or limited-service houses cannot provide. Included in our survey administration services are:

  • Formatting surveys. We layout questionnaires so that we can scan returned surveys using straight OMR scanners or combination OMR-image scanners. Scanning forms has substantial time, accuracy and cost advantages over hand-entry methods. 
  • Personalizing cover letters and survey packets. We use mail-merge technologies, individualized IDs, and high-speed printers to print personalized cover letters that link with survey forms using individualized IDs. This allows us to track survey returns and send a reminder mailing only to those who have not responded to the initial request. This process improves response rates, saves money, and allows us to combine survey responses with individual sample information.
  • Printing muti-color or black and white surveys which are attractive and formatted for ease of completion.
  • Preparing, printing, and mailing post card invitations to your online survey. We personalize the card with each potential respondent’s login code. With mail-merge technologies we can personalize other items, as well.
  • Using state-of-the-art mailing software and equipment. We use Satori Bulk Mailer software to reformat addresses according to USPS CASS requirements and to compare addresses to the national Move Update database both of which allow us to take advantage of automated mailing rates and save you money.
  • Receiving and processing completed surveys. We scan surveys and automatically review all answers that fail to meet read requirements. We check flagged responses against the actual response on the survey form and edit as needed.  We can enter responses to your open-ended questions via keyboard or voice recognition software. Responses can be printed in text reports or coded into categories for quantitative analysis.
  • Depending on your data analysis and reporting capabilities, we can transmit completed data file to you for analysis, or we can perform the statistical analysis and report your results. 
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