Fast Facts

  • Each year, TRG mails more than 300,000 surveys to patients, employees, physicians, office managers, dentists, and behavioral-health providers.
  • We use  Satori software to achieve the lowest possible mailing rates,
  • And, we utilize Pitney Bowes, Accufast, and Neo-Post mailing equipment to produce cost-effective, accurate, speedy mailings.


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Benchmark Study

Responses from your customers are compared to those of  customers of comparable companies. In addition, you can see your responses tracked over time. You have the option of adding questions specific to your firm’s situation to the core survey. We offer benchmark surveys for three customer groups.

  • Out-Patient Satisfaction
    This survey is visit specific and physician specific. It allows you to determine how patients react to a number of dimensions of patient care in the out-patient setting (e.g. access, registration, office staff interaction, provider care). It can includequestions from CAHPS visit-specific clinical and group survey and allows comparisons to national results. Surveys are mailed to each provider’s patients within 48 hours of a visit. A state-of-the-art tracking system allows the correct number of surveys to be mailed out for each provider in order to achieve a specified number of completed surveys for each provider. The frequency of reporting would depend on the number of completed surveys you choose for each provider.
  • Employee Satisfaction
    The survey measures employee satisfaction with supervisors, communication, compensation, working with others, nature of the job, and support for the job. We ask employees to rate these areas for the three-month period immediately prior to when they receive the survey so that the ratings are time-specific. Results are reported in Statistical Process Control format to allow tracking across time.  Results are generally reported each month.
  • Satisfaction with Hospitalist Care
    The survey is hospital-stay specific and focuses on patients’ evaluations of the care they received from hospitalists. It uses state-of-the-art methods to identify the hospitalist’s patients saw during their stay and asks a series of provider-specific and practice-specific questions. The survey is currently under development and we expect to be testing it at beta sites by Fall, 2009.

Custom-Designed Customer Satisfaction Surveys: TRG can custom design a survey specific to your needs and your customer base.

  • In a custom-designed satisfaction survey, TRG will meet with you to determine your specific needs and will conduct focus groups or in-depth interviews with your customers to determine the dimensions of judgment they use to evaluate your product/service. We will then develop a survey designed to accurately measure those dimensions of judgment and a report that will help you identify opportunities for improvement and, if you would like, track customer satisfaction over time.
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