Fast Facts

  • Each year, TRG mails more than 300,000 surveys to patients, employees, physicians, office managers, dentists, and behavioral-health providers.
  • We use  Satori software to achieve the lowest possible mailing rates,
  • And, we utilize Pitney Bowes, Accufast, and Neo-Post mailing equipment to produce cost-effective, accurate, speedy mailings.


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Custom Designed Research Projects

For more than 30 years, TRG has been listening carefully to clients, indentifying their needs, designing research projects geared to those specific needs, and reporting accurate and actionable results.

  • One-shot project. Your research need may require understanding customers’ responses to a current situation or a proposed change in your business. TRG meets with you to fully understand the situation or change and what you need to know about customer’s reactions to respond appropriately. We then determine the most appropriate methodology, execute it, and analyze the results. Some situations might call for qualitative research (focus groups or in-depth interviews), while others need quantitative methods (mail, phone, or email surveys).  We choose the best fit for your research objectives, customer base, and budget. Results are carefully analyzed and discussed with you.
  • On-going research. If your research need involves tracking customer reactions to your business, we can develop a system to obtain customer lists from you on a regular basis, create a survey that measures customer reactions, and develop a report format that allows you to both track reactions over time and view the impact of specific events within your business.