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  • Each year, TRG mails more than 300,000 surveys to patients, employees, physicians, office managers, dentists, and behavioral-health providers.
  • We use  Satori software to achieve the lowest possible mailing rates,
  • And, we utilize Pitney Bowes, Accufast, and Neo-Post mailing equipment to produce cost-effective, accurate, speedy mailings.


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Nancy founded TRG in 1978 after teaching at the University of Massachusetts. Between 1978 and 1990 she guided TRG’s custom-designed research for a variety of clients in New England including political candidates, financial institutions, government agencies, educational institutions, retail outlets, real estate developers, media outlets, and non-profit agencies.

In 1990 she joined Matthew Thornton Health Plan as its senior manager of market research, where she designed and implemented a series of research studies for both the insurance company and its medical-care provider and parent company, The Hitchcock Clinic (THC). In 1993, she moved to the parent company, THC, where she became Senior Scientist attached to Quality Measurement where she worked with Eugene Nelson and Dr. Paul Batalden.  In 1996, she was promoted to Director of Measures of System Performance.

During her tenure as Director she developed integrated measurement systems used at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC), The Hitchcock Clinic (THC), Lahey Clinic, Southern New Hampshire Regional Medical Center, Cooley Dickinson Hospital, and Matthew Thornton Health Plan. In addition, she developed and implemented the provider-specific survey system for nearly 800 medical providers in the THC system, developed and implemented automated reporting systems for research data and developed and taught a “user education” program for users of the integrated measurement system.   

In addition to her duties at THC, Nancy led the development of  “Gaining Customer Knowledge,” a course in the Institute of HealthCare Improvement’s series of courses. She team-taught the course with Eugene Nelson of DHMC.

In 2000, Nancy re-established TRG and focused its attention on customer-satisfaction projects and survey administration for other market research and consulting companies. It now specializes in long-term and repeat customer-satisfaction projects, including measuring the satisfaction of out-patients, employees, physicians, office managers, behavioral-health providers, and dentists. TRG has worked with Dr. Win Whitcomb to develop a patient-satisfaction survey to measure in-patient reactions to care received from hospitalists.  The survey will be beta-tested starting in the Fall of 2009.